Needle-Free Syringes Eliminate Needlestick Injuries, Reduce Needle Reuse and Cross-Contamination

Needle-free injectors use a unique pressure profile to deliver vaccine as a fine stream of fluid to puncture the skin, and deliver vaccine to the proper tissue depth for intramuscular injection.

Since the first jet injectors were introduced in the 1940s, the technology has evolved to a single-use, sterile, disposable syringe used with a reusable injector. These innovative needle-free injectors have proven to be a safe and effective method of administration.


Why is Needle-Free Important?

  • According to OSHA, there are between 600,000-800,000 needlestick injuries every year in the U.S. alone.
  • Needlestick injuries can expose healthcare workers to up to 20 different blood borne pathogens including HIV and hepatitis B and/or C.
  • Each needlestick injury costs approximately $3,000 for lab fees, labor, post-exposure follow-ups,
  • etc.
  • Eliminate needle = reduce these problems and improve the patient experience

Clear Benefits of Needle-Free Injectors

  • Expand Immunization Coverage
  • Needle-free injectors can expand influenza immunization coverage by attracting those that
  • normally forego flu shots due to fear/anxiety of needles
  • Eliminate Risks of Needles
  • No needlestick injuries
  • No needle reuses
  • No cross-contamination or spread of infectious disease
  • Reduce Health Care Costs
  • No need for sharps management and disposal costs
  • Eliminate costs for needlestick injury testing and treatment
  • Protect Patient and Practitioner; Better Patient Experience
  • Safe, auto-disabling, needle-free syringe